I haven’t received an invitation from DMUNC. What should I do?

Please email Secretary General Beverly Say at dmunc.sg@davismun.org. with your name, email address, and school to be included in our mailing list.


How do I know that my school is registered?

You should receive a confirmation email and invoice shortly after registering your school.


How do I receive my school’s country and committee assignments?

During registration, please fill out the section that asks for your committee and country preferences. We will do our best to assign you committees and countries according to your preferences. We will give out country and committee assignments after you have registered and paid beginning March 19. Please register early to receive priority assignments.


What do the deadlines mean?

Please register before 11:59 PM PST on the registration deadlines for the listed prices. Delegates must submit their position papers to their Head Chairs before 11:59 PM PST on the submission deadlines to be eligible for certain awards.


What is the minimum number of delegates I can bring?

There is no minimum limit of delegates in a delegation. We have had single delegates represent their schools in the past. However, delegations with less than three delegates may not be eligible for delegation awards.


What is the maximum number of delegates I can bring?

There is no maximum limit to the number of delegates in a delegation. However, the number of delegates you bring will determine your delegation’s eligibility for the small or large delegation awards.


Can my delegates attend DMUNC unchaperoned?

No, we do not allow delegates to attend DMUNC without a teacher advisor, parent, or adult chaperone. We will need the contact information for the chaperone in case of emergencies. The chaperone must accompany the delegates throughout the entire conference and attend advisor meetings.


When does registration begin and end?

Early registration opens Wednesday, November 15th, and late registration closes Friday, May 11th. Schools will also be able to register delegates on the day of the conference.


What hotel accommodations are available near DMUNC? Are discounts for hotels provided?

Please visit our hotel page for more information.


Are position papers required?

Delegates may participate in committee without having submitted a position paper. However, they will not be eligible for awards. Delegates who submit their position papers by Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST will be eligible for both research and committee awards. Delegates who submit their position papers by Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST will eligible for only committee awards.


Is technology allowed?

DMUNC has a strict no technology policy in order to maintain a level playing ground for all delegates and to encourage collaboration between all delegates. Delegates are not allowed to use their phones, laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices during committee. Delegates found to be disregarding this rule will be disqualified from awards. Head Chairs will not accept any working papers submitted electronically. In the case of emergencies, delegates may step outside of their committee rooms to use their phones.


Will food be provided?

DMUNC does not provide delegates with food. However, our close proximity to downtown Davis allows delegates to try the wide variety of delicious cuisine.


Where is the conference going to be located?

Opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Rock Hall, and all committee rooms will be in Olson Hall on the UC Davis campus. Maps of the rooms are currently being created.


Does DMUNC allow single delegates to represent their own delegation?

Yes, a delegate can be represent their own delegation at DMUNC. However, delegations with less than three delegates will not be eligible for delegation awards.


Does DMUNC provide any outreach or training?

Yes, DMUNC provides training and outreach to nearby schools. Please fill out this form, and a member of Model United Nations at UC Davis will be in contact.


Does DMUNC allow any spectators?

Yes, we welcome spectators. Spectators are free to observe committees as they wish as long as they do not disrupt debate. However, we require spectators sign a liability waiver and a photo consent form.


Is there any paperwork that I need to fill out?

All delegates, advisors, chaperones, and spectators are required to sign a liability waiver and photo consent form prior to participation in the conference. These forms can be submitted to us electronically by emailing them to Secretary General Mashal Shah at dmunc.sg@davismun.org or be submitted in person on the morning of the conference.


Where do I park for the conference?

Information regarding parking and directions can be found here.


How do I check in my school the first morning of the conference?

There will be a registration table from 7:45 AM – 10:00 AM in front of Rock Hall, where opening ceremonies will be held. This is where you may check in, receive materials for your delegates, and submit liability waivers and photo consent forms.