Head Chair: Nicholas Archibald
Crisis Director: Peter Mills

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The Punic Wars began as a tale of two states, once content within their separate spheres, thrust into conflict. While Rome had asserted control over most of the Italian Peninsula, Carthage had become the region’s dominant naval power. From their center in North Africa, Carthage enjoyed the wealth that came with near exclusive access to the Mediterranean Sea and collecting tribute from weaker states through coercion.

Though Rome and Carthage had maintained neutral relations in the past, the idea of expansion often ratchets up tension when unclaimed territory begins to run out. The situation was not helped either by a belligerent Carthage barring the Romans from Mediterranean trade via a treaty which their navy easily enforced. The question of Sicily proved to be the spark that ignited the conflict when a proxy conflict between two city states erupted into full scale war.

Now it is up to you delegates to rewrite the pages of history. As a leader of Carthage, you now are in charge and tasked with finding victory and dominance at the expense of the other. Quick thinking and decisive action are a must when your opponent will not be a Crisis Director behind the scenes, but another committee of bright delegates tasked with your defeat! With the fate of an empire in your hands, this Crisis Committee will prove a challenge, but also an engaging and rewarding experience!

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