Head Chair: Nicholas Villarreal

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International and National Threats to Security Due to Drug Cartels in Latin America

International drug trade has been a prominent issue between Northern Latin America and the United States of America, although the drug consumption in Latin America has appeared to become low. However, in comparison to the amount of high violence and crime that occurs in respect to drug related incidents, Mexico is ranked number one in greatest organized crime, which is evident in the shocking amounts of death that follows the cartels. In addition, the threat of drug crimes is not limited to Mexico; many Latin-based countries in South America have their own groups of drug cartels.

The United Nations has stepped in to decrease the amount of drug abuse, violence, and gang activity in efforts to derail the fast-growing crime market for drugs. Furthermore, many countries are used as both mid-points or final destinations of these drugs and their leaders fear this as an act of terrorism. Many nations tend to put stronger holds on border control, yet the mass amounts of drugs are still being shipped in one way or another.
In this committee you will be asked to help determine which threats occur for your country and others. Furthermore, you should be ready to formulate a plan to help disband these organized crime groups.

The Establishment and Disarmament of Cyber Warfare in International Terrorist Attacks

In this day and age our world is fueled by the internet and everything organized on technology. However, this makes individuals even more vulnerable to attack or towards information theft without any physical breach within the country. This is the threat of Cyber Warfare and how international hacking can halt an entire nation. Furthermore, cyber warfare is not simply limited to hacking and related actions, but also the use of social media platforms to accrue followers and promote the cultural aspect of what these radical or terrorist groups represent. As well, while the attack is usually done via technology the results are all still very physical, in which tangible disasters that still occur.

The United Nations has witnessed the necessity to address the rising issues of cyber warfare and the use of technology as a weapon. Many governments recognize the vulnerability of its citizens constantly being opened to attacks on all their personal information and private accounts. Your duty in this committee is to recognize the growing threat of cyber warfare and understand your country’s personal weakness. Furthermore, you must investigate what power the UN should hold in consideration to technological based weapons and war.

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