Head Chair: Aubrie Bryant
Crisis Director: Ryan Brobst

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During the Cold War, the West struggled against the East to suppress the spread of Communist ideals and action, with both sides utilizing nuclear threats, fear tactics, and proxy wars to further their own agendas. Toward the end of the 1970’s, an extended period of détente seemed to signal the end of Cold War tension, until the Soviet invasion of a politically unstable Afghanistan.

The violence that ensued killed over a million people, the majority of which were innocent civilians. Interventions from outside countries provoked atrocities and massacres, and extended the duration of the war. The long term political repercussions of the decisions made still impact the world today.

It will be your job to navigate the fast-paced action within this committee, anticipating the moves of your enemies while making waves with your allies. Will the Seven Party Mujahideen Alliance secure foreign backing and supplies or wither away in the mountains? Will the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan retain its benefactor or be overwhelmed and surrounded? Will either side deal with the increasing radicalization throughout Afghanistan? These are only some of numerous questions that will be discussed within committee.

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